Happenings around the world
A solo oud and vocals album of 7 pieces, telling the story of a woman's dreams and thoughts as she's been through them and somehow through with them
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Showqname A 3-CD album of 24 songs from 16th century Iran is released; a unique project Negar has worked with both as musician and theoretician. The 24 songs are all attributed to Abdolqader Maraqi, the mythical figure of Iran's Timurid era in music theory and practice. Maraqi is recognized as a unique figure in the history of Iran's music, not just because of his three influential treatises in Persian Language, but also for the fact that his followers kept his tradition and style of composition that still lives in the repertoire of the neighboring culture: the Turkish Classical music. More at: www.showqnameh.com

Negar Negar was a Fellow at the prestigious Music OMI international residency 2012 in New York.




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