In Collaboration:

• 2011: Fever
A duo of Santour and oud with vocals, in 4 pieces inspired by contemporary Persian Poetry
     Composed by Babak Bouban
     Conducted by Babak Bouban
• 2010: Showqname
A 3-CD album of songs from 16th century Iran
     Composed by Abdolqader Maraqi
     Conducted by Mohammad Reza Darvishi
• 2010: Sarkhâne
     Ccompositions in Old Iranian Style
     Based on an idea by Sasan Fatemi
• 2008: Charm of Tombak (Lotf-e Tombak)
     Exploring rhythm through poetry for children,
     Composed by Leyla Hakin Elahi / Conducted by Behzad Mirzayi
• 2002: Goshayesh
     Works by Tehran University music students
• 2003: Shivang
     Music and Poems from the region of Mazandaran
     Composed by Siamak Jahangiry
• 2004: Az khiyal-e kopachinha-ye Alborz
     Music from the region of Mazandaran
     Compsed by Siamak Jahangiry


• 2009: Mandu (directed by Ebrahim Saeedi)
     Composed by Ali Samadpour
• 2008: Among the Clouds (directed by Ruhollah Hejazi)
     Composed by Ali Samadpour.





Music by Negar Bouban

Through ("Dar Gozar")
A solo oud and vocals album of 7 pieces, telling the story of a woman's dreams and thoughts as she's been through them and somehow through with them
Release: 2012

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When There is More Beauty in the Contrary
by Negar Bouban and Salim Ghazi Saeedi
Oud and Electric Guitar: Ancient Lore vs. Modern Technology
Release: 2011

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In Turn ("Be Hangam")
Aa solo oud and vocals album of 8 pieces of inspired music based on Persian classical music
Release: 2011

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Continuous ("Payaapey")
Aa solo oud album of 8 pieces of improvised music, based on pre-composed melodies.
Release: 2008

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