IN TURN (2011)

In Turn

An album of eight pieces of solo Oud and Vocals, is the story of a wanderer, in a land of no sign, no time. The journey begins at a point of ending for others, inspired by and having words from a poem by Roudaki (an Iranian poet of 10th century) followed in 7 stages of move and stop, till it comes to the Last Turn, picturing a poem by Ahmad Shamlou (the outstanding contemporary poet).

The album is played on a small-bowl Oud made by Mohammad Taghi Arafati.

Produced by: Harold Moss,
Engineered by David Wilson, Mastered by: Augustus Skinner, Crispin Thump

Artwork: Hamid Rahmanian

Negin Sharifzadeh, New York based Iranian artist, has created a short animated film, EVEN GRAY FEELS BLUE in conversation with the music of the 8th track of the album, THE LAST TURN.
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IN TURN is available on many music platforms, including Youtube-Topic, Youtube Music, Spotify, and iTunes.

Here, you can have a listen to the 8th track of the album: The Last Turn
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(poem of the 1st track: Just upon a Time)

O Laudable who grieve and lament,
Shedding forever tears of discontent:
'Bygone is gone, Delight in the next Advent,
And linger no m ore on the past's remnant!
Do not seek setting the world in assent:
This world is made of strife and torment!
Never yield with back bent!
The world is not the feeble's shelter-tent!'

Translation to English by: Maryam Dilmaghani

Ahmad Shamlou
(poem of the 8th track: The Last Turn)

No Gate,
No Route,
No Night, No moon!

No trace of Day! And no imprint of Sun!
We're standing outside Time,
With a bitter dagger
Piercing profoundly within
From behind!

No one speaks:
Nothing to say,
Nothing to teach!

Silence is -truly- the best speech!

We observe -solemnly- our Dead,
With the sketch of a sober smile on our face.
And we expect our turn-soundless
Without the slightest shred of a beam!

Translation to English by: Maryam Dilmaghani