Oud Method for Persian Music (iBook)

Oud Method for Persian Music, an iBook

An iBook of twelve lessons, each introducing one of the techniques to perform embellishments on the Oud; most of which are essential to sound closer to what Persian Music repertoire demands.

The techniques are presented with a video each, to watch and learn the way they are practiced and played; plus what names and notation-symbol is common for each in Persian music, a short exercise for each technique to practice, and then in the end of each lesson, comes an excerpt of a piece from Persian Dastgah repertoire to show how the technique in question takes place in an actual performance.

This iBook can be very useful for Oud learners in Persian music, who are in need of a reference in order to use sheet music .
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Oud Method in Persian Music, the iBook is produced and released by Rhythmitica online music Academy and is available on Apple Books.
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