ON FIRE (2018)

On Fire

An album of ten pieces of solo Oud and Vocals, is an image of the world of: a land, a tree and a woman, all as old as fire; burning in all times of love and war. The fire that was the death of them, yet they'd been living off of it.

The album is played on a small-bowl Oud made by Mohammad Taghi Arafati.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Alireza Nekula'l-Tak.

Artwork: Farshid Shafiey
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ON FIRE is available on many music platforms, including Youtube-Topic, Youtube Music, Spotify, and iTunes.

Here, you can have a listen to the 3rd track of the album: FACELESS THUGS.
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Nader Naderpour
(poem of the 1st track: The Earth and I)

The Earth and I are two fraught with anger
Silent with rage foaming in our mouth
Our pointless hassle did not end but in pain
Our roundabout runs were all wasted in vain.
I am calling to you, you speechless night!
You are dark just like my nightmares and I
Want you to leave me and never come back
Until you light a torch to dress your pitch-black.
I am older than you O night!
I am blinder than you O moon!
Don't you have a flicker of sun stowed
To show me off this tortuous road?

Translation to English by: Mandana Arabi
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