THROUGH (2012)


An album of seven pieces of solo Oud and Vocals, an image reflected in a broken mirror; image of a woman's thoughts and feelings, experiences and dreams, as she's been through them and through with them.

The album is played on a small-bowl Oud made by Mohammad Taghi Arafati.

Produced by: Harold Moss,
Recorded by Somayeh Habibian, Mixed and Mastered by: Orod Anzabipoor

Artwork: Negin Sharifzadeh & Harold Moss

Parissa Mohit, Motreal-based animator and filmmaker, has made an animation, BEYOND REACH, based on the music in the 4th track of the album.
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THROUGH is available on many music platforms, including Youtube-Topic, Youtube Music, Spotify, and iTunes.

Here, you can have a listen to the 4th track of the album: DISTANT and the 5th ORDEAL OF FIRE.
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Ahmad Shamlou
(poem of the 4th track: Distant)

What rugged paths to beat
-Endless, rugged paths-
On these limping feet.
Air and despair
Collide when I breathe,
I wrestle with my 'self',
And my feet.
With the million rocks beneath.

Endless paths to beat
On limping feet,
Endless paths,
Limping feet.

Translation to English by: Mandana Arabi